The Cambridge Pianola Company is very sad to announce the recent death of its co-founder and sole proprietor FT (Tom) Poole.

The business has several large pianola restoration projects in hand and new projects will be considered as before. Sales of pianolas and pianola rolls are also continuing.

The executors of Tom's estate are consulting on the longer term future of the business with its skilled workforce. They would also be very pleased to hear any expressions of interest, or other proposals or suggestions for the long term future of the business from the many lovers of pianolas that we know are out there. If you have any suggestions or proposals please contact


We do not operate an on-line ordering service for spares.  Please choose what you require and contact us on 01223 861507 to arrange payment and  delivery.


Materials Supplied for Restorating Pianolas and Player Pianos

TUBING to British Standard 2775/67

  Bore Price per 20m coil
N 3.0 mm £50.00
N 4.0 mm £75.00
  Bore Price per 10m coil Price per foot
N 5.0 mm £50.00 £2.50
N 6.5 mm £60.00 £3.00
N 8.0 mm £70.00 £3.50
N 10.0 mm   £4.00
N 12.5 mm   £4.50
N 16.0 mm   £5.00
N 20.0 mm   £6.00
N 25.0 mm   £10.00
1 1/8 ins     £12.50
1 1/4 ins     £13.75
1 1/2 ins     £15.00


'V' Springs eight inch £35.00 each
Ladder Chain £5.00 / Foot
Perfection leather - for pneumatics £30.00 / Sq. Ft.
Basil leather - for exhausters £20.00 / Sq. Ft.
Sheep leather - for bellows £20.00 / Sq. Ft.
Split leather - for motors and gaskets £30.00 / Sq. Ft.
Thin cloth 1110 width 56" * £6.00 / Sq. Ft.
Medium cloth width 56" * £10.00 / Sq. Ft.
Heavy cloth 1109 width 56" * £15.00 / Sq. Ft.
Leather buttons £12.50 per pack of 50
Animal Glue - tube £5.00 each
Graphite - drum £5.00 each
Empty roll box (standard size) £2.50 each
Empty roll box (large size) £3.50 each
Replacement end tabs £1.00 each
Roll Repair Tape (Special) £5.00 each

* N.B. Minimum order for cloth is 12" length

A full range of piano parts is also available - please send samples of parts required.

Ivories matched and keys re-covered.

Case repairs and re-polishing

Essential Accessories for the Pianola Owner

DAMP CHASER Price: £40.00

If your pianola stands in a cold or damp position, or stands against an outside wall, then an electric piano heater can help to keep it in first class condition. It is easily fitted inside at the bottom of the piano case and keeps the whole instrument in good order.

ELECTRIFY YOUR PLAYER PIANO Price: £550.00, plus £15.00 P&P & Insurance £2.50

We now have available an electric conversion kit that you can use to convert your player to automatic operation. The kit comprises a super quiet electric suction pump and all the other fittings and control pneumatics necessary for the full conversion.

Instructions are provided that are easy to follow to install the following features:

  • Completely independent automatic playing, started by a button in the spool box.
  • Volume control by a knob mounted under the keybed.
  • Automatic rewind, triggered through roll perforations with adjustable rewind speed to prevent roll edge damage.
  • Automatic shut-off after rewind triggered by the end tab of the roll.
  • Vacuum pump can provide suction up to 60 inches water pressure.

The conversion kit comprises: suction motor, on/off switch, rewind pneumatic, volume control unit with independent play and rewind speeds, all the necessary tubing, elbows and fitting screws. It does not affect foot operation so the pianola can still be pedalled in the normal way.

HONKY TONK CONVERSION KIT Price: £125.00, for complete kit.

Fit your own mandolin rail to give your player piano the real honky tonk sound. Can be fitted to any upright piano.

HUMIDIFIER Price: £75.00

Hydroceel Unit - a special piano humidifier. It is a long tube filled with absorbent material that is soaked in water and then placed inside the instrument.



65 TO 88 NOTE CONVERSION KIT Price: £225.00

It is possible to convert your 65 note player piano so that it will play the modem 88 note music rolls. The rolls will obviously play only the 64 notes that have pneumatics, but the missing notes are tubed in, an octave down (or up) so that they are not lost. The kit comprises end fittings, 88 note tracker bar, tubing and V-connections.

TRACKER BAR PUMP Price: £40.00

The tracker bar holes on your pianola draw in air whenever you play a roll and this air carries with it fluff, dust and paper shavings. These foreign materials can block up the valves and bleed holes unless regular cleaning is carried out. If it is allowed to accumulate, it will slow down the speed of repetition and in the end it may stop a note from sounding.

The most effective way of clearing the airways is to pump out your pianola regularly with a tracker bar pump. This is a strongly made hand pump with a specially shaped end to fit over the tracker bar and you use it to suck out any dust or foreign material through the tracker bar holes. A few minutes a month using our tracker bar pump will ensure that your pianola keeps working properly.